General Chandlery

Marine Brass Padlock

Made with stainless steel hoops.

Shackle Padlocks

Made with stainless steel bars and brass workings.

Navigation Lights

Suitable for 12 volt systems and boats up to 12m long.

Inflatable Boat Bandage

This self-adhesive material has been specially designed as a temporary repair on any inflatable boat. The 8 patches in 3 sizes are kept in a convenient pouch; simply apply an apropriate size patch using firm pressure all over. Inflatable boat repair is a temporary repair only.


Stormclear anti fogging sticks prevent formulation of condensation and fogging on glass and clear plastic. Part No. 6474 1 x 30ml bottle.

Fuel Line And Bulb

Fuel line and bulb.
Part No. 8884 2m Fuel Line.
Part No. 8885 Fuel Primer bulb.

Skippers Assortment Box

Plastic assortment box


20 x M4 x 16 pan machine screw

20 x M5 x 20 pan machine screw

20 x M5 x 30 pan machine screw

40 x M4 Nut

40 x M5 Nut

30 x 3.5mm x 16mm Pozi raised countersunk self-tappingscrew

30 x 3.5mm x 19mm Pozi raised countersunk self-tappingscrew

30 x 4.2mm x 25mm Pozi raised countersunk self-tappingscrew

40 x M4 Washer

40 x M5 Washer

30 x 2mm x 20mm Split Pin

30 x 3mm x 20mm Split Pin

20 x 15mm Split Ring

10 x 19mm Split Ring

5 x 3mm Thimble

5 x 6mm D Shackle

5 x 3mm Duplex wire rope grip

4 x 6 x 60mm carbine hook

Ball Sail Ties

Pack of 4 shock cord with balls at each end.
Part No. 8872 400mm Long.
Part No. 8873 500mm Long.

Sail Guard

These sail wheels easily clip onto the shrouds and guardrails to reduce sail chafe from spreaders and stanchions. Simply clip over wire lifelines or shrouds to protect the sails from the rigging.  Suitable for 6mm wire but can easily be drilled out to 9mm. Supplied in packs of 2.


Mooring compensator for safe and gentle mooring. Easily fitted to the line after mooring (no free end needed), only minimal slack required, suitable for all lines up to 20mm. Supplied in packs of 2.

Guardrail Back Supporter

Most of us have spent hours leaning against a guard-rail whilst on watch! Uncomfortable after a whle isn't it? Well, this guardrail backrest is shaped to fit the contours of your back and relieve the discomfort. Made in UV stabilized white plastic, it is simply clip-on and off and is suitable for up to 6mm guardrail wire.

Cabin Tidy

Net Pocket with wire frame and shock cord opening.
Complete with stainless steel self tapping screws.
Part No. 8450 30cm x 20cm (12in x 8in).
Part No. 8452 40cm x 26cm (16in x 10in).


Made from High Purity Zinc.


For use as an external corrosion inhibiting material wherever dissimilar metals are joined. Use in marine applications where two metal surfaces are joined even where components are made from the same metal to prevent corrosion. 115ml Tube.

EcoBlast Sport Rechargeable Air Horn with Mini-Pump

No chemicals! No batteries! Just NOISE! The Ecoblast runs on compressed air (obtained via it's own hand pump) making this the most efficient and economical marine safety or starting device currently available.

Powerful 115db sound with built in volumne control - Recharge quickly & easily with air from most bike pumps or compressors - Produces up to 70 blasts per recharge - Take it anywhere and it floats - it's super light at only 100grams!

  • Reliable way to stat a race or stop a game. Works in all weather, in any position.
  • Safe way to cheer on your team or celebrate a win. No dangerous chemicals or vapours.
  • Economical and ecological air horn for your boat. USE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND NEVER RUN OUT OF NOISE!
  • Meets U.S.C.G. regulations - always carry a fog signalling device in case of engine failure.
Comes with high pressure mini air pump and instructions.

Spinnaker Pole End

A truly robust range of end fittings, fabricated from 316 stainless steel, they are very durable and capable of survival in even the toughest conditions.

Tiller Extensions

Aluminium tiller extensions with long, ribbed handle and fitted with a Seasure quick release kit.

Spinnaker Pole Stowage Bracket

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel for a long corrosion free life.

Midshipman Steering Lock

Sea Sure produced the first Midshipman rope lock over 25 years ago. It has been an essential piece of equipment on many yachts ever since. The new version maintains the rugged reliability of the original and brings the design fully up to date. New design suitable for any tiller steered yacht or sports boat Simple mechanism allows tiller to be set and adjusted - indispensable for short handed sailing. Innovative design incorporates a snubber which holds a far better course than simply lashing the tiller.

Seddon Link

These cleverly designed yet very simple webbing links are very adaptable, with a multitude of uses. These webbing links are extremely popular due to their simplicity and adaptability. FFitted on stanchions/grabrails, and fitted or removed in seconds, they provide very strong attachment points for safety lines or sheet blocks. Available in two sizes to fit 25mm tube and 48mm tube.

Marine Brass Padlock

Made with stainless steel hoops.

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